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What To Expect
Below is what you can expect when having a holiday with us:

  • If your group size is more than 4 then you will be guaranteed that no other guns will join your hunts.
  • The Sole use of the guide for the whole of every flight.
  • The numbers of birds shot are not guaranteed as they are all wild. However we guarantee that we will do everything we can to make the flights work.
  • Decoys, hides and calls are all provided.
  • If there are up to 4 guns in your group then transport to the shooting grounds can be provided.
  • If you have more than this in your group then any type of vehicle will allow you to get to our shooting grounds.
  • You may have to walk up to 250 yards.
  • Orkney has numerous pubs, restaurants, fast food places, shops and even has a large Tesco.
  • We do have bag limits on the number of birds shot.
  • Orkney's weather is unpredictable.


Orkney shooting holidays reserves the right to cancel a booking at any given time. A full refund of the deposit will be given.


Please also read our following document before booking and shooting with us.