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Morning Flights
In the mornings you will shoot geese over decoys. We arrive before first light to set up out decoys. You will then be positioned in ditches, behind stone walls/ruins, in hides, layout blinds or gorse bushes. We will then ambush the geese as they arrive to feed. The main quarry you will shoot on these mornings will be Greylag and Pinkfooted geese.
(Please note that morning duck flights can also be arranged if requested).
Evening Flights
We can provide a number of options for your evening flights. You can shoot ducks and geese over our fed ponds/splashes or shoot geese on flight lines. The main quarry shot on our duck ponds will be Wigeon, Teal and Mallard and Greylag geese  also make appearances. On the evening goose flights you will shoot Greylag geese and sometimes Pinkfooted geese.
Most of the evening shooting will be from our comfortable, purpose built wooden hides. This makes wildfowling for the less agile hunters plausible. 
Please note that we will work our own trained gundogs in both morning and evening flights to retrieve birds. You are also welcome to bring and use your own dogs

Other activities


Orkney Shooting Holidays also provides a range of other activities to keep clients entertained throughout their stay. These are listed below:

  • Fishing (on or off shore)
  • Clay Shooting

 If you want to know about these activities please contact us through our enquiries page.


Shot birds


Please note that we provide a bird cleaning service. The birds can be prepared for you.

The birds can be breasted, washed, dried, placed in vacum packed bags and then refrigerated until you leave.

Birds can be plucked and gutted for you into an oven ready state.

You can also have some or all of your shot birds cleaned and made into a range of sausages and burgers.