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Below is a helpful list that you can use to organise yourself and your group so that your shooting trip flows smoothly.
  • Arrange cartridges (either buy before or from William Shearers when in Orkney).


  • Sort out guns (Bringing your own up or arrange to use the guides).


  • Recommended clothing: Warm, waterproof, camouflaged coats and trousers.


  • Face mask and a hat is a must.


  • Head Torch.


  • Wellies required, waders (not necessary but can be useful).


  • Book time off work.


  • Book ferry/flights.


  • If using the ferries make sure to bring a form of photograpghic identification.


  • Book accommodation (if we have not already done so).


  • Plan your route.


  • Make sure you are insured to shoot (Eg. BASC memeber or other similar insurer).


*Please note that most clothing, guns, cleaning equipment, cartridges etc can be arranged/purchased once in Orkney*