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Meet the team

Orkney Shooting Holidays guiding team currently consists of Steve Rogers (head guide), Stewart Walker, Scott Howsley. Below is some information on them to give you an idea of who will be taking you out. 



Steven Rogers:

Steve started shooting at an early age being taught safety and etiquette from his father and grand father.

He shot his first goose on the solway aged 10 and has had goosefever ever since, working his way north through Scotland shooting at Eden Estuary, Loch Leven, Loch Strathbeg.

He first visited Orkney in 2012 when he fell in love with the islands, it's friendly folk and the relaxed way of life.
So much so, he decided to move here in 2015.

Being resident in Orkney enables Steve to monitor the birds behaviour, all year round, and in all weather conditions / situations.
Steve also carries out crop protection in the summer months.

Steve's black lab 'Jack' is never far from his side and is becoming a great wildfowl asset to the team.









 Stewart Walker:

Stewart has lived and shot in Orkney all of his life. He knows the island grounds very well.

Stewart is a keen fisherman and has a good knowledge on how the tides effect the wildfowl behaviour. If you want to do a little bit of fishing on your trip then he is the man to ask.  













Scott Howsley:

Scott is a wildfowler with most experience gained over the last fourteen years on Morecombe Bay and the rivers of Cumbria.

He has also shot extensively on Solway Firth, Stanraer, Auchterader and Montrose Basin.

He spent a year on the Comittee for Westmoreland Wildfowlers and became a valuble member of the Orkney Shooting Holidays team in 2019.